Site Advocacy Group (SAG)

The Site Advocacy Group (SAG) is a landmark industry initiative that facilitates meaningful dialogue between site professionals and industry leaders on a variety of topics. SAGs are convened at the request of a host organization; sponsor, CRO or professional service provider. The work of the SAG enhances clinical research effectiveness and more closely aligns the work of the sites and industry on current or future projects.

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Sample SAG themes have included:

  • eSource
  • eLabels
  • Patient Experience
  • Protocol Review
  • Investigator Payments
  • Research Awareness and Access
  • Enrollment in specific global regions (ie, Europe, Asia-Pacific, etc…)
  • Investigator Performance
  • eConsent
  • Site Qualification and Training
  • Trial Listing Platform
  • Innovation


SCRS Site Advocacy Groups help organizations improve, develop and better understand the impact of their site relationships.


“Gaining perspectives from the SAG helped in understanding what is truly important to sites, rather than us guessing. Their participation and input were invaluable.”

Kelly Kirsch, MPH – Eli Lilly and Company


See how Lilly approaches innovation through site collaboration.