Why SCRS Global Impact Partnership?

SCRS and its Leadership Council are committed to building partnership opportunities between their members and sponsors, CROs and professional providers. The Society has developed the Global Impact Partnership (GIP), available to sites, sponsors, CROs, and professional providers, to facilitate a unique opportunity to engage with SCRS and its members.

In addition to SCRS GIP exclusive opportunities, an executive from the GIP company will have a seat on the GIP Board. This board will interface with SCRS’ Leadership Council to help set strategic initiatives for the Society, which any current GIP may participate in. SCRS GIP members may also elect to engage the SCRS community for individual corporate objectives using SCRS program options that include:

focus groups,
content development,
and geographic or
regional site support.

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Global Impact Partner Initiatives



Sponsor organizations become SCRS GIPs to collaborate with members and other industry stake holders on site-facing strategies and efficiencies.


CROs become SCRS GIPs to support the operational dynamics between the sponsors and sites they work with.  Better site relationships improve study design and outcomes.


Clinical solution providers become SCRS GIPs to provide thought leadership and engage sponsor, CRO and site leaders in an exclusive environment throughout the year.


Clinical Research Sites become SCRS GIPs to collaborate directly with sponsors, CROs and solutions providers in shaping SCRS’s initiatives and programs each year to best support the site community as a whole.